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13th rusty special (D5)
Posted on: June 30, 2020, at 12:34:53pm

hardly played 4k in general since last tourney (which i skillboosted so hard in btw) uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh r3 goal bc i dont think ill skillboost at all?

ROUND 1 - RENDEZVOUS - 25th place
SR: 13-0-1-0
CUR: 5-0-0-0 SDG

why was everyone freaking out over this one like yeah bmah etc i get it but this didnt look that bad??
probably could've improved this but i didnt feel like it

ROUND 2 - Sunset Sky Guarden - 22nd place
SR: 93-3-7-9
CUR: 9-1-4-3

it didnt look that bad in the preview but man... it just keeps going...
actually its not that bad now that im used to it

ROUND 3 - Ani Mevushal - 14th place
SR: 43-3-5-5
CUR: 13-0-0-1

ohts scary :<
got a 15-0-7-0 though which is funny
have a feeling next round is going to be the breaking point where my acc wont matter because the song is going to be too fast :(

ROUND 4 - Smash and Burn - ??th place
SR: 36-0-12-5
CUR: 4-0-1-0 SDG

this song might actually be easier than ani, but it plays to everyone elses skill sets much better than mine, so this might be a struggle. cutoff is gonna be like 5g lmao

well its like 24h left and im in with a tiebreaker right now i think, but two people still havent played. honestly ive been grinding and at this point ive lost motivation. if i fall into the yellow that's it, and im fine with it bc i think im one of the lowest level players in my division still in at this point and i made it further than i anticipated.
-------------------ELIMINATED (18th)------------------
all of my thoughts are in the paragraph above. peace.