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Little Empty Town.
Posted on: June 16, 2008, at 09:35:17pm

2.A Person Just for Me
Just as I thought, there is no one in this town. Humans are all together with “the thing.” They never wake up the fun dream that they have with “the thing.” The time spend with “the thing”. A dream. A brilliant time. Like a dream. The thing can make anything come true.they make everything just the way the human would want it. They because just the way a human would want it to be.the thing is not a human, so they are able to become a human's dreams. But there is something that “that thing” cannto do. The thing can not turn into a human. It can be a substitute. But it can not be a human. I know this very well, I know. A person who would love me, even if they couldn't make my dream come true. Today, I still search for my special someone. Just for me. Someone who loves me because I am me. But the me inside of me says, “is there really such a person? That kind of person. I wish would exist. Would they really like me for who I am? I wish it would be that way. Would that person really want nothing from me?” I say “If they don't love me for who I am. Then they are not the special person just for me.” “Really?” “Really.” “Do they really exist?” “Really” “Then where?” “Probably right beside me, not somewhere that far away. There exists...someone that I can love.” “But what if that person doesn't love you? What would you do?”
laughing voices, far away under the cloudy sky. The usual way home. I hummed the same tune. Our interlocked fingers would never came undone. A truthful path anyone would have believed to make time stop. Summer comes, autumn comes, winter comes. And then spring comes. It's happened countless lines. Every time, you were on the other side. And on thy bridge. I was smiling. Being together was so sad and painful. I looked away from the tomorrow that would pass me by and hummed back. It's not like everything would disappear. But keeping my back to the footsteps left behind. If time would not turn back, then I will leave...everything behind. Falling in love, dreaming dreams....even tears will always be hostage. Not being able to control my feelings. Falling apart. But next time I think and don't we all believe that? Humans and it... summer comes, autumn comes, winter comes. And then spring comes. Its happened countless times. The time, under a sky I've never seen before. You're probably living. As I keep watching the never ending sky.