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I'm THe Master Of FRight. I'm a demon of light and i'll scare you right out of your pants! To a guy in Kentucky I'm MR. Unlucky and I'm Known throughout england and France. And since I am , I can take off my head to recite shakespearian Qoutation. No Animal nor man can scream like I can w/ the fury of my recitations!
i like to sing, hang out with my friends, play the Guitar for my garage band (Circle A)and i like emo and goth/punk rocker Boys/G I R L S....but i am in love ♥ and i shall never let ANYONE hurt me again..ever!!
Fav Music:
PANIC! AT THE DISCO CAMISADO!!!!!!!!!!! I aslo like stuff like 30 seconds to mars ,stone sour,AFI, Bullet for my valentine,Cartel, MCR, MCS, FOB,HIM,Something Cooperate,Taking Back Sunday,ACDC,Led Zeplin,Meatloaf,Lynard Skynard,Queen,Danny Elfman(mainly the NIghtmare before Christmas stuff),From First To Last,Andrew Lloyd webber,and Evanescence.
Fav Movies:
The notebook and PARATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 1,2, AND 3!!!
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Random Thoughts
patrick is my sunshine
Posted on: July 23, 2007, at 03:50:22pm   [0 comments]

turn ons/offs
Posted on: July 17, 2007, at 11:36:44am   [1 comment]
Wears a grill: off
Dresses Gansta: off
Dresses Preppy: on...only if its like hot preppy
Dresses Athletic: maybe on
Dresses Emo: on
Dresses hick: off
Has green eyes: on
Has brown eyes: on
Has hazel eyes: on
Has blue eyes: on
Drinks alcohol: maybe
Smokes Weed: off
Smokes cigs: idk
Plays sports: on...idk
Smiles a lot: depends
Has hair: on
Has brown hair: on
Has black hair: on
Has red hair: on
Has no hair: off
Good dancer: idc
Wears jewelry: depends on where
Tattoos: on
Laid back: on
Plays guitar: on
Plays drums: on
Plays bass: on
Raps: off
Bites your bottom lip when making out: on
Can draw: on
Has a lip ring: ON
Has a tongue ring: off
Nipples pierced: off
Hugs you: on
Hugs from behind: ON
Creative: on
Calls you just to hear your voice: on
Religious: idc
Goes to church: idc
Kisses you on the neck: on
Brutally honest: depends

my favorite quote
Posted on: July 13, 2007, at 05:09:51pm   [0 comments]
“C'mon Frankie, you know you wanna f*ck a cow or two.”-Ray Toro

Posted on: July 9, 2007, at 05:48:09pm   [0 comments]
my new "label" is who agrees w/ that notion? raise your hand and say I!

July 23rd
Posted on: June 28, 2007, at 03:35:32pm   [0 comments]

Hey everybody...the date is set July 23 will from here on be known as (IMCRD)!! thats right...on that day do whatever you can to show your love for doesnt matter what it could listen to their music all day, talk about them non-stop, have a party with friends, have a drink & toast to MCR, draw a picture for the occasion...whatever you feel like doing...DO IT!!! but there is one thing we all must do...if you have any MCR merch that can be worn...wear it!!! if you dont have any MCR merch don't fret thats fine!! MAKE YOUR OWN!!!

Finally, we wanna make this as global as humanly possible. Post it on your s if you have one, if your on live journal post it there, post it on any MCR forum u can find, tell all your MCR friends, send an email to every single person on here...TELL THE WORLD!!!

Comment wall
american_gymnast writes...
at 4:20:10pm on 6/15/09
hey amanda, how are you? Do you still go to EHS?
~Crazy Vampire~ writes...
at 11:24:21am on 6/1/08
hey I just stoped bye to say hhi!!! well hi
pinwheel writes...
at 2:04:19pm on 5/6/08
yo wats up
Marxx writes...
at 9:57:16pm on 5/5/08
pinwheel writes...
at 2:50:25pm on 5/1/08
yo oits me amanda...
Marxx writes...
at 11:34:30pm on 3/15/08
it good
how are you doing?
Marxx writes...
at 11:20:10pm on 2/14/08
thats good. =D
Marxx writes...
at 11:02:06pm on 2/1/08
yoh... how has it been?
makakblood writes...
at 5:16:12pm on 2/1/08
nop but its gud too chill i was bored so check other profil
american_gymnast writes...
at 11:20:45am on 12/4/07
hey ! What have u been up to? We need to meet!!!
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