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Token Unlock Notes
Posted on: August 28, 2020, at 02:42:14pm

So I learned something today.

I played Tachyon Beam Cannon at 0.7x rate to get the minimum 40 credits required to unlock Unknown Girl. However, the game is programmed in a way where it doesn't allow you to cheese the system like that. As it turns out, cheesing the game that way is not allowed even if you meet the requirements on a certain token that you want to get.

So rates runs are a no-go when unlocking tokens of any kind. You learn something new every day.

Edit: Turns out playing the same low-note count song multiple times in a row doesn't unlock Unknown Girl either. Therefore, it has to be done on a high-note count song (roughly 1000-1200 notes minimum) in order to unlock it.

There are 186 Yellow notes in v1 rather than the 184 needed to avoid to unlock this token. This gave me trouble the first time I tried unlocking the token. Never got it even though I missed every single yellow not in the song as per meeting the requirements and saving a replay as proof. Then Razor told me that the exact miss count is 184, so I just hit the first and last yellow notes specifically and avoided the rest. So for anyone trying to unlock this token but still can't do it, this is your trick. You're welcome.