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As of right now 11-10-2012:
Posted on: January 14, 2012, at 11:39:14am

Rank: 10,458
Average Rank: 17,072
GTS: 733,113,635
Tokens: 26
Skill Tokens: 43
AAA's: 148/1227
FC's: 363/1227
TP's: 34/729
Forum Posts: 1,994
Best FC to date: Blindfolds Aside (74)
Best AAA to date: Session (59)
Best Sightread Score to date: Blindfolds Aside (74) 13-0-0-1
Best file I've played: Floating Hour
Worst file I've played: A Kidney Stone
Current Team: Team Blaze, Team Pokemon

Welp, I hope to progress in the future here in FFR...

  1. Worst file I've played: elegante
    Because it made you lose.. just like why I hate spanish.. spanish can go fuck itself.

  2. A KIDNEY STONE FUCK YOU play RATO or something.