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My Friends Mean The World To Me
Posted on: June 28, 2009, at 12:09:58am

I fckin love yuh. yuh are soo awesome and random. yuh make me laugh 98% of the time i spend with yuh. im so glad we got to be this close. i doubt ill ever find another frend like yuh. yuh there for me wen i need yuh the most, and i thank yuh for tht. we have had so many buggouts and there are more to come. i love yuh like a sister. i hope we stay like this forever. ily ♥
omg grl i fckin love yuh. yuh have been my best frend since 5th grade and yuh've never let me down as a frend. i can always count on yuh to make me feel better wen im feelin upset. we have had so many buggouts and insiders. and i know this isnt the end of them. You are amazing. Idk where i would be without you. you are one of the few people that matter in my life. i love you 4.22.07♥
I love you for who you are and you pretty much know tht. You are such a good listener and i know i can always count on you to make me feel better. Ive had gud and bad times with yuh, but those things are what brought me close to yuh. i wud say the best memory ive got is the one where i met yuh. No matter what im here for you, I promise. I love you. ♥
Youre like the brother i never had. If you ever need anyone to talk to im here for you. I can always count on you to make me laugh. yuh are so blonde sometimes and i love it. we had so many fun filled times together and i hope they continue. Luv ya ♥