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Your Hate Mail [2012]
Posted on: December 22, 2012, at 04:40:13pm

Write it here. Anything, everything is fair game. Say whatever you'd like.

  1. For the first 22 years I was alive, I thought you were a piece of paper.

  2. Penis

  3. I would like a Big Mac with no pickles, please.

  4. no hate whatsoever from me. I feel that a lot of people here on FFR overreact beyond belief to your posts. I respect your opinions and even if I don't agree with them all the time, there's no reason to be bitter about it. You're a really down to earth person in my opinion from what I've seen and I respect that. You're a cool guy and you don't deserve all the shit people give you.

  5. I love you.
    You have a fabulous choice in headwear.

  6. Honestly .. I don't think you deserve to be banned. I think you're an okay guy, but i have seen lots of fairly hateful posts towards stepfiles and if i remember correctly, tournaments too. Other than that, you seem pretty alright as a person and i don't hold any sort of grudge or hate against you personally.

  7. I don't know if the meds aren't working or whatever the case may be, but you've got to keep your temper in check. You're way too valuable to this community as a placer, as a tourney host, and as a TB captain to risk getting the boot over your infamous "why the hell did you let this file in game" rants. GET A FUCKING GRIP.

  8. I don't care what happens to you honestly. Banned or not banned, I just hope to offer a few suggestions about your overall posts. You tend to be a bit too emotional about certain things, especially file critiques and many other things. Because of this, you tend to carry yourself away from what you wanted to say and say something unnecessarily extra, which can be perceived as offensive to many. Try to just say what you want, because no one cares about how you feel about a file. Just a suggestion to offer. I don't have anything against you; I'm just offering an observation I've noticed in your posts overall. Have a good Christmas and cheers!

  9. there shouldn't have been a public petition thread, like someone said pm an admin and have a conversation. over the years you have commented again and again on how "shit" simfiles are and it's incredibly grating. even from me it's annoying and I don't even step. I know if I was in with the stepping crew I wouldn't take your "opinions" lying down because you are *discouraging people from stepping to ffr*. thinking from the stepping people's perspective you know in the back of your mind that middie is going to try to give his "god opinion" on your chart and talk about how bad it is. even though no one takes your thoughts seriously still seeing those words you write can influence a person's decision to want to step something and influnece *new people* to want to submit stuff into the game. you are free to voice your opinion but we are free to decide if you are a detriment to the site.I also don't think it should be this big of a deal and you don't deserve all this att

  10. ention

  11. I'm sad because there's no love mails.


  13. That's where the frustration begins though. It's like if I went into a restaurant saying the food sucked without explaining myself why I said the comment in the first place. You can't be surprised that people get pissed off.

  14. I think you're a nice guy, afterall you were the first to congratulate me on that nerve wracking AAA I had to get the other day so you're not on my shitlist :)

  15. Another thing I noticed is that when you critique a file, you take it way too seriously. As a player playing a file on FFR, there is no reason to analyze every single step placement. When I and generally everyone else, give an opinion for a file, I simply look at how well the file flows. The normal player is not concerned about what happens at beat 97.725. This is why generally speaking, the reviews from everyone else is something along the lines of "repetitive", "too long", "crappy music", etc. My suggestion: try to develop a player's review than a judge's review.

  16. I have no problem with you, although the excessive 200 x 400 gifs and essay long retaliations are a bit annoying haha. Cool guy though

  17. tone your comments down a little bit. that's all

  18. I have no personal vendetta against you, but your opinions against simfiles are unnecessarily hateful. Tone it down...

  19. I don't hate you :)

  20. Honestly, regardless of the issues you and I had starting from DF, you were a mad chill dude and one of my closest friends back when VC was up. You definitely should take a step back and see why you were liked by many back in those days. And hopefully turn back time a bit :) We all change I know that, but I have faith in ya! :)

  21. You fucking rock keep it up

  22. charu's post ftw

  23. and lol, people actually conversing about banning middie?? dang people, this is hilarious

  24. <333

  25. don't spam the brag board with gifs and runs where you don't even pass a song with a story about why you hate the file or why ffr sucks

  26. !

  27. My only pet peeve with you: stop blaming the internet for your ffr lag, it's not what is causing it. The file bashing is a little over the top. Keep posting awesome gifs, tis all :)

  28. ( Í¡° ͜ʖ Í¡°)

  29. your gif spam pisses me off because YRYR
    it would probably piss me off if it were anything else too.
    also stop hating on yourself

  30. This is such a godlike idea

  31. I literately think people would like you more if you just shut the fuck up when it comes to your opinion on files. Other than that your p cool.

  32. ARRRGGHHHH you and i share different opinions, go die and i hate you :3

  33. *you're
    What the hell was I thinking

  34. lol spelling doesn't matter here Mang

  35. Yeah, but it bothers me. ;~;

  36. I see.

  37. if you had a cutie mark on your flank to symbolically describe your personality, it would be a 16" serrated dildo laced with anthrax and yeast culture

  38. Fuck u. -leaves a mean comment and runs- HEHEHEHEHEU. Oh i don't hate u, i hardly know u, just thought i'd keep this RT on track grahahaha~ I really don't care if you've bashed others for their miniscule stepping errors, i don't step, so it doesn't bother me c: KEEP THE HATE GOIN' YALL!!! TOMORROW IS A NATIONAL HOLIDAY, "THROW KEYBOARDS AT MIDDY DAY" WOOOOOOH!!! hehehu~

  39. Ps:
    I hate u because u stole my heart :( <3

  40. i dont like you very much

  41. eiddiM :3 <3
    Where's the love mail?

  42. I don't know you too much, but I don't think your quite the friendly type. I don't hate you but I think you shouldn't be too critical on everything/everyone (from reading your posts). You should post an "XD" or an "lol" from time to time. I can sort of picture you as that person at school who was always mean to people for no particular reason. Where's the love brotha? Don't be so serious, no me gusta serio people. Have fun and try to lighten up! Don't take this too personally I'm just making a suggestion for you to be a better person.
    PS. I don't think Kayla is King as much as a queen. You should go fix that :P

  43. no hate here...your doing good like thatXD but hay what can we do?[nothing really;3] but no love mail click-thingy? [btw yo;3]

  44. for me^~^ now why you getting bashed on again?