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Tricking in FFR T-shirt ftw!
Posted on: November 23, 2007, at 06:42:21pm

I only have the opportunity to train this a few times a year, but my dream is to be able to do this on a regular basis and become the best I can be. Anyone interested in learning should check out

  1. wow that place is large. looks like fun nice video

  2. yea, that gym is really nice, to bad it's far away from me. :(
    anyway, the three days we were there, we only got to trick for like 2 hours. the first day we were to late, the second day a friend of mine hit his head and we had to visit the hospital. the third day we had to leave early because another friend of mine had to work. next gathering is in half a year, argh!
    but it was all worth it, because joe eigo was there! lol

  3. is that you o.O? lol

  4. yea, that's me :)

  5. looks awesome yo :D

  6. wish i could do that :P

  7. anyone can learn this. all you need is a good gras spot, a steady supply of water and some guts. ;) is a good place to start

  8. Oh man, That's neat!
    I wish i could do that!
    I guess i lack guts >.> lmao.

  9. Fear is the biggest thing to overcome, I can tell you I was scared to death when I was trying my first backflips. but ones you done a few attempts and gets close to landing it, your confidence will boost x100 :)
    some mattresses and a spotter can help with the fear to

  10. That's awesome. You got some talent there 8-)

  11. Thanks you. :)
    I wouldn't say I'm that talented though, it all comes down to practice and more practice.

  12. wow thats freaking amazing. i want to go there

  13. I wish I could do that XD

  14. Wow thats just amazing xelius. nice job

  15. I do taekwondo, but man I wish I could kick like that.

  16. You're amazing. I tried learning that for sword fighting.
    ...I failed miserably.