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I draw things. Sexy things. I work in a grocery store. I DDR (on difficult) lots and FFR too *is so much better at DDR*. I listen to my music. I read manga and watch anime. TALK TO ME YOU GUYS I LOVE YOU! <333333
Drawing my mangas, reading manga and watching anime, DDRing and FFRing, listening to my music(mostly while drawing), buying shoes, men, the internet, and anything Minekura Kazuya, anything Red Hot Chili Peppers and anything John Frusciante.
Fav Music:
John Frusciante(is my God), The Red Hot Chili Peppers, foreign music, j-rock/pop/techno/deathmetal/etc...
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Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Saiyuki Requiem, 300, Transformers, Hayao Miyazaki movies.
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Zomfg, wtf happened?
Posted on: August 15, 2007, at 01:22:07pm   [0 comments]
Everything in my profile was gone when I logged on today... I had to put it all back and I don't really remeber what was there before so it's different now...

Oh, it went to the default gender too so I was a boy. Lulz maybe?

VQ88 over and out...

Comment wall
flipcity21 writes...
at 1:31:51pm on 8/15/07
may b its jus ur timin
n e ways thanx
manga_freak101 writes...
at 10:15:44pm on 8/5/07
hewwo ^-^ and tanx
gilbertfan writes...
at 7:46:20pm on 8/5/07
xMiRrOr_FoEx writes...
at 7:09:25pm on 8/5/07
No problem. Thanks for voting back. =]
KisameGuy writes...
at 6:47:45pm on 8/5/07
why are we chatting by comments when we can use the profile chat?
KisameGuy writes...
at 6:42:50pm on 8/5/07
tasty kind
KisameGuy writes...
at 6:25:38pm on 8/5/07
im on ur wall now, eating old dutch chips
azn_kelly22 writes...
at 6:07:41pm on 8/5/07
yaaa=] ur added too=]
UltimaAssassin writes...
at 6:01:21pm on 8/5/07
thanks a lot girl =D
azn_kelly22 writes...
at 6:01:19pm on 8/5/07
hihi=] tanx for the vote=]]
wanna b friends??=DDDDD
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