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Random Thoughts
Posted on: May 2, 2009, at 07:30:08pm   [0 comments]

comment plz ^^
Posted on: January 13, 2008, at 10:21:21am   [13 comments]
I will find you and take you to bed & have my way with you. U will moan, groan, & beg me to stop.I'll exhaust you & leave you weak for 4 days..
The Flu..

Comment wall
YunaxXxLove writes...
at 6:29:02pm on 12/21/10
heyyy! It's been a while! How are you doing?? I hope well :) I'm surprised the site got back online
animechick101 writes...
at 4:05:08pm on 12/20/10
yeah drinking seems to be one of the few methods to cope but if i ever do it, i'll TRY to control myself as best i can. but i shouldnt resort to drinking. oh well, so u been cutie?
Puddin' Pop writes...
at 10:33:18am on 12/20/10
We went to his friend's birthday party haha. All I can say is that I don't remember half of the night 8D It was pretty awesome.
animechick101 writes...
at 11:39:15pm on 12/16/10
haha its just sugar and bad memory. i dont drink...screws a person up too much and i dont need that in my life, and if i ever do, it wont be a lot, unless i get pissed, heartbroken or something like that XD
Puddin' Pop writes...
at 5:54:47am on 12/16/10
Hmmmm, that's the 6th and 7th time I've used "kick ass" this morning... I need to stop, lol. x:
Puddin' Pop writes...
at 5:54:04am on 12/16/10
Because my boyfriend and I are going to have a kickass time haha.
& Slayer is pretty kick ass. c:
animechick101 writes...
at 11:09:59pm on 12/15/10
yeah i do have a bad memory, i used to have a good one but i guess it must've been all the booze messing my w/ my mind....jk! haha!! jk! jk! jk!
Puddin' Pop writes...
at 9:00:55pm on 12/15/10
I guess so ahaha. Not as fun as this weekend is going to be though!
& oh, what band? c:
Puddin' Pop writes...
at 4:56:14pm on 12/15/10
Not much haha ^^ Just got home from a friend's house. What are you up to?
animechick101 writes...
at 4:15:47pm on 12/15/10
hehe no i'm not! but thank you. lol really? wat kind of job? wat do u do?
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