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Hey there! The names Jake I have been playin ffr for a little while now and I think im pretty ok at it. ummm im 21 and work at a shell gas station. Its a pretty awesome job I work the over night shift so I get to talk to all the drunk ppl when they want booze =P But yeah other then that I like to listen to music, play some MW2 on the xbox 360, chill with the homies, and pretty much just anything fun! well if ya wanna talk hit me up I really dont have any friends on here for some reason lol l8ta
ffr, html, friends,music,video games, and modding and fixing xbox 360's
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metal, scremo, rap pretty much everything
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So have have a few piercings and none of them hurt at all. I have snake bites, and my ears gaged to a 8g. None of them hurt at all! But the other day my girlfriend and I were talking about how a tongue piercing would be pretty fucking cool. So i when down to Aberden to get it done. "just to let you no everyone says it dosn't hurt" They are lieing!!!! when he put the needle in it didnt hurt at all but not long after it hurt like shit. I couldn't talk right and i couldn't eat >_>
Now is day 3 still cant talk right. Still hurts a little but it makes it very hard to eat still.
So if you wanna be cool like me prepare yourself for a fun ride!!!!
Posted on: May 6, 2008, at 01:53:21am   [4 comments]
At ffr but im getting better ^_^

WELL now im at a total of
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