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So it's been a while
Posted on: March 30, 2019, at 11:21:59am

First random thought in I don't know how long, so let's get caught up with how I'm doing over here.

First and foremost, I'm now a competitive Smash player, even though you probably won't see my name on screen in quite some time because I'm nowhere NEAR that level yet. But hey. 13 local tourney wins ain't bad.

Same with Tekken, but I've been working around Tag 2 and hoping I can get good enough to join a tourney somewhere. Alisa and Lili are my mains, but I'm starting to branch out to other characters. Also, Electric Wind God Fist is hard as balls to do.

Job searching might be coming to a close. I've applied to Walmart SEVERAL times, but apparently I missed a singular point on that application.

Let's see....

Oh, yeah! I have a new girlfriend. She's out in Canada and doing tremendously well. Who would have thought that she'd be a bit freaky like me? I honestly didn't expect that, but hey! I'm not complaining.

So there ya go. an update from me. First one in.... I think a year or two? Someone check for me please.

  1. Good luck with your job hunt although it's coming to a close. And nice, a gf, nice.