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Probably out this round
Posted on: August 6, 2012, at 11:44:12pm

I had asked for a Bmah file, and had been hoping for one. I was not however pleased by the file he made. Really confusing patterns, long jack into a hand and some jumps, and rolls with the gayest of all things you could put in them; a switch. They're killing the already poor PA I have. I was lucky to make a run with less than 10g, and the cutoff is already at 5. Unless I manage to get a lucky run in, I'm not going through to the next round, so I guess this is it.

  1. You got this TP! Never Give Up!

  2. Never give up the TP. Always hog it. Even when the person in the next stall is like "Yo give me some TP" you be like "Nope".

  3. The song certainly is a jump from last round, mm? Don't feel bad if you're eliminated by one of my files; I was eliminated by my own too! :p
    Keep trying though.