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Hey! my name's jenn im 16. i'm a sophomore & im a twin! im a christian & God is my life ♥. i'm in love with my boyfriend/bestfriend Mark!!! his pro is NiceToe360 lol i'm a total band geek!!!XD im a nice person & real easy going & probably the most honest person u will ever know, i can talk about anything w/anyone =) i'm a total kid @ heart & love to have fun! don't be shy just feel free to talk to me/be my buddy! n btw my twin is kTWiiN23 if you wanted to know ;)
i &hearts; jesus :), my AMAZINGLY PERFECT boyfriend MARK!!! &hearts; , my ipod <3, playin instruments [tenor/soprano saxes, clarinet, piano, flute, tryin to learn trumpet], playin volleyball, guitar hero!, myspacing, RANDOMNESS!! =D, llamas! kittens, but most of all, being with the love of my LIFE. <3 [10.28.07]
Fav Music:
everything but country, screamo, & rap xP
Fav Movies:
comedy, suspense, horror, action, chick flicks, romance
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crazy cat LMAO!
Posted on: April 2, 2007, at 07:19:15pm   [2 comments]

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NiceToe360 writes...
at 12:41:34pm on 6/29/08
Hey im waiting for you!!!
on the FFR multi!!!
~kitty~ writes...
at 7:57:29pm on 5/18/08
da da dat :D
indigo23 writes...
at 2:57:23pm on 5/8/08
have you seen the twilight trailer?!
it looks REALLY amazing and now i'm dying for it to be december 12th.
can't wait!
dcr writes...
at 7:44:02am on 4/24/08
havent talked to you in a while sup?
AshPeltola writes...
at 6:05:10pm on 4/17/08
I absolutely love your background and header. :3
Twilight is just amazing.
~kitty~ writes...
at 6:30:04pm on 3/24/08
happy almost aniversary (to your year of FFR membership)
and how's it going?
manga_freak101 writes...
at 4:20:46am on 3/24/08
hey..oh fun stuff lol
indigo23 writes...
at 11:52:24pm on 3/23/08
cya happy easter!
indigo23 writes...
at 11:48:57pm on 3/23/08
no! lol i'm an alien. maybe i'll make one soon. =)
indigo23 writes...
at 11:46:49pm on 3/23/08
i don't have a myspace! never bothered to get one =P
hope your headache gets better!
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