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darkness87 writes...
at 4:49:50pm on 3/1/12
not recently. dunno why though...
Hazelle writes...
at 8:22:10am on 2/26/12
First - Join FFR Party fb:
Second - I'm in the group - the one with the owl as a pic (:
Hazelle writes...
at 6:53:21am on 2/24/12
Yeah haha - I'm getting my butt kicked in 2 of my classes - told my rents school's going fine, even though it's obviously not. I'm gonna come clean tonight with em - they're gonna be so disappointed and mad :c
Hazelle writes...
at 10:19:08am on 2/19/12
oh lol - yeah reddit's amazing. I probably spend 40% of my day everyday on that site lol. We all have our different tastes in sites though, so s'all good :)
Hazelle writes...
at 9:07:50am on 2/12/12
Awh -we'll get through it :D We're tough!
Nothing much really - graduating (HOPEFULLY) at the end of this semester. I'm off to a shitty start with grades though, really bummed out but trying to fix the problem.
That's about it really. Addicted like fuc to reddit haha.
Hazelle writes...
at 2:55:28pm on 2/5/12
Haha that's okay. Yeah i've been good - school and work. A bit stressful but i'm getting by (:
Hazelle writes...
at 12:11:19pm on 12/24/11
Woah, whats up???? How've you been?????? :D :D :D
Cuppy_Cake writes...
at 12:21:41pm on 11/2/08
sorry my computer f'ed up :(
Hazelle writes...
at 5:19:30am on 10/14/08
Lol you are crazy :P
Hazelle writes...
at 8:21:31pm on 10/13/08
Yeah good point. Im addicted to ffr for a reason :P
and thansk for the comment haha. I might have over brushed my hair xD
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