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Tournapocalypse Tracker
Posted on: September 17, 2014, at 05:05:18pm

This tracker is mostly for me, but you all can use it too, especially if you're in D2. I may add scores or accuracy counts if I have the time. It is arranged in the following way:

Tournament Title
Date for end of next round (at 11:59pm)
All songs for the round


10th Official
D3 Lost in R3, Placed 37th

Krunky's Champions #1

D2 Participant = 20,000 Credits

Kanzas and Zenith: Fall
D2 3rd = 16,215 Credits

Psychoangel's One Division Higher
D2 3rd = 70,000 Credits

Red and Zenith's Timebomb

  1. i should keep track of tourneys like this

  2. It worked too, I didn't miss a round