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hello!! my name is Amanda and i'm 21 years old :) there really isnt much to say other than i rarely use this anymore D: i just sometimes forget to play cause life has been busy. but I do get on once in a while when I'm feeling nostalgic. haha.
I am a Sims addict.... I have every single Sims game starting from The Sims all the way to the most recent The Sims 3 expansion/stuff pack ;O AND, i absolutely love going to concerts. so far my concert count is 29, but by the end of 2014 i should be at 31. I'm seeing Linkin Park in September and Real Friends w/ Neck Deep in November <3
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top favorite bands: 1) Linkin Park, 2) Taking Back Sunday, 3) The Used, 4) Real Friends, and 5) Incubus
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500 Days of Summer, Remember the Titans, Tommy Boy, 10 Things I Hate About You, Mean Girls, She's The Man, Just Go With It, and Aladdin.
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haha... they're all the same :P
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Fireo writes at 2:47:34pm on 5/12/21
Happy Birthday!
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liliaine51 writes at 5:35:16pm on 4/1/08
liliaine51 writes at 5:26:48pm on 4/1/08
yea me just like
liliaine51 writes at 5:22:29pm on 4/1/08
he hasnt messaged a few min..good!
liliaine51 writes at 5:20:10pm on 4/1/08
i knowww..its wierd!
if he asks me 1 more time..<.<..ima block him for ever and everrrrrr
liliaine51 writes at 5:17:19pm on 4/1/08
me 3
its getting annoyingggg
liliaine51 writes at 5:15:38pm on 4/1/08
yeaaa! me like idk..idkk..okkk
i think ima block him
liliaine51 writes at 5:01:06pm on 4/1/08
no problemaaa
yeaa its the same guy that ur talking 100% sure
liliaine51 writes at 4:58:18pm on 4/1/08
hes such a wierdo
i told him straight up i was gonna block him so he stopped asking..well kinda..<><.<