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I like singing, writing stories, roleplaying, and drawing...
Singing, roleplaying, writing stories, drawing sometimes. I'm a pretty open-minded individual, so I'll talk to anyone about most
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I really like hard rock, techno, and some pop...
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um...IDK...The list is too long...
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Posted on: November 26, 2009, at 02:00:52pm   [0 comments]
To all of my friends on this website! I just wanted to wish everyone a fun-filled and amazing Turkey Day!!! I am thankful for all of my friends, and hope that you have a good one!

For those of you that are still on and read this post, tell me what you're thankful for!

As for me, I'm thankful for my family and a home to live in. The freedom to worship the Lord Jesus Christ, my friends, and for this website! I'm also thankful for my friends and school, the brave men and women laying down there lives for me to live in safety, and for my life itself.

Please tell me what you're thankful for, or just leave a Turkey Day Shout-Out to one of your friends!

My Amateur Writing...
Posted on: April 23, 2009, at 06:49:33pm   [18 comments]
So not many people know that I love to write in my free time, I wish I could be a professional author. But I'm just laying down a beginning so that people can tell me any compliments or improvements...thanks!

The car spun out of control as the boy struggled to keep his hands on the wheel. His fingers ached and burned against the hot rubber; he had to let go. He released his choking grip and allowed the car to skid for a couple hundred feet. Beside him, his girlfriend shrieked a bloodcurdling scream. She hadn’t noticed what was happening until that very moment. Neither of them saw the heavy redwood tree blocking the terrain. And neither of them felt the pain for a moment. The boy felt himself flying, then something stabbed into his chest. It was a real pain, not something he was imagining. He screamed in pain, then decided to try to take out the sword. Actually, he soon learned it was only a tree branch, and that he couldn’t take it out even if he wanted to. It had pierced his heart, and was now stuck inside one of the chambers. He tugged on it, but then found a pinching or tearing pain, so he stopped. It took him a moment to calm down a bit, then to stand took all of his strength. Then he wished that he hadn’t ditched during P.E.. To stand up, he leaned against the tree that had pinned him for support. The pain was unendurable, but he lived through it. Now to walk over to the car. He tried to count his steps so he wouldn’t focus on the pain. One step. In his mind, images of what his girlfriend and his light-blue 1998 Ford would look like appeared bluntly. Two steps. He listened to the silence, trying to somewhat embrace it(for silence was a treat that he never received). Three steps. He didn’t know how much
more of this he could take, it was getting kinda annoying. Four steps. It wasn’t going to be long before he went crazy from counting, so he stopped at four steps. But he did keep going until the moment he reached his beloved car and his girlfriend. His car was a wreck. The front of it had completely collapsed in, revealing the entire engine and some of the parts were roped on the trees branches. He stumbled over to the passenger side and the sight almost killed him. She was pinned to the dashboard in an awkward position, her arms crushed against it and her head resting on it gently, as if asleep. Blood trickled from her forehead and smeared as it ran down the dashboard and puddled in her lap. “Amy?” His vision altered slightly as she opened her eyes and stared at him in pure terror...that's all I got so far.

Comment wall
nordia writes...
at 4:59:43am on 11/26/09
Nah, randomness is most definitely cool. My fave mangas are Life, Confidential Confessions, and Future Diary. Do you have any particular ones that you like?
lolo12105 writes...
at 5:17:17am on 11/21/09
mew mew power, mermaid melody and marmalade boy
lolo12105 writes...
at 10:24:56am on 11/15/09
its ok and i love to draw and i hopefully will finish my book and also i am a huge fan of romantic and drama mangas they are my fave hope we can be close friends
condoct writes...
at 6:53:49pm on 11/10/09
many, i should make a list XD
mirror_eclipse writes...
at 6:10:15pm on 11/10/09
More people need to watch Higurashi...and more people need to read Elfen Lied imo. :P
orangefire writes...
at 4:51:19pm on 10/22/09
hey thx for the comment and um could you do me a fav could you fix it like up make it so ppl can play it i did something rong and you prob know more than me so ya
Trance Remix writes...
at 4:47:31pm on 10/14/09
i like any kind of anime really. too many to list! XD
tornarm writes...
at 11:38:39pm on 9/5/09
...ummm i posted the animes that i have watched or am watching on my page its in the fav movies section XD
and yes you is random lolz XD
condoct writes...
at 7:19:07pm on 9/2/09
lol thanks. i like all kinds of animes XD
~zangetsu~ writes...
at 3:08:51pm on 8/23/09
+1 for the Ichigo comment! +4 for the avi ROFL!!
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