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Sinoya's Gameplay Stats Today
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Hi, my name is Janko. :]
SSF4/Blazblue, Tennis, Cycling, ITG/DDR, FFR/SM, Starcraft, and SSBM.
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American Psycho.
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Credits come so slowly
Posted on: July 31, 2009, at 08:17:08pm   [0 comments]
It's going to take forever to get 150k credits so I can play that one song and get that achievement token. T_T

I miss gambling.
EDIT: Hurray for tournaments. 314k credits now. :]

5th Official FFR Tournament
Posted on: July 8, 2009, at 01:40:43pm   [0 comments]
Division 4
Round 1: Tambourin Chinois AAA
Round 2: Garyuutensei 2-0-0-0
Round 3: Szamar Madar AAA
Round 4: Brandish Headless 13-0-0-1

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Instadeath writes...
at 2:36:06pm on 10/21/09
Thats right!!
Instadeath writes...
at 8:33:08pm on 10/19/09
Instadeath writes...
at 7:51:37pm on 10/14/09
Thats a good game
Instadeath writes...
at 11:48:00am on 10/14/09
Almost to 2000 woottt
Pharos writes...
at 4:05:45pm on 8/30/09
thank you, i am glad that many people like my cosplays.
Instadeath writes...
at 10:43:13am on 8/3/09
i'll get it soon hopefully time for a new look n e how
Instadeath writes...
at 8:18:45am on 8/3/09
Oh heck yeah wish i one isn't their ffr diff. from the unsubby one
Instadeath writes...
at 8:21:06pm on 8/2/09
ouch i see what you mean didn't see all the misses and boo's
Instadeath writes...
at 8:20:44pm on 8/2/09
whats a subby t.t.
Instadeath writes...
at 7:12:36pm on 8/2/09
Dang you on fire
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