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I'm psycho. And sadistic. And in love. And love music, skateboarding, snowboarding, playing guitar. Etc...Etc... My name is Renae. I'm 14. and I live in hell hole Kentucky. And so yeah...If ya have questions ask. And I guess I'll inform you that my myspace name is monophobiax
Music, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Football, Colorguard, Criss Angel, Foosball, Air Hockey, and the most amazing guy in the world, Jordan Turner. Ya know. Rad stuff like that. haha
Fav Music:
Way to many to name. But basically any form of metal, rock, or alternative rock.
Fav Movies:
Ferris Beuller's Day Off, Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas, Underworld, Underworld Evolutions, Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Interview With The Vampire, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Omen and basically anything bloody, containing vampires/lycans, depressing, made in the 80s, or made by Disney...Weird combination. But whatever.
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MadilynLouise writes...
at 2:00:24pm on 8/3/07
hey. i love your avatar
EmilyGesner writes...
at 1:42:33am on 5/5/07
i miss yhu! I haven't talked to you in forever. i need to email you my story. I think I will. Check your inbox ;D
EmilyGesner writes...
at 8:22:19pm on 4/16/07
hehe ^^ ilu2 babyy
EmilyGesner writes...
at 12:58:44pm on 4/14/07
hm... mine is still bigger. ^^
EmilyGesner writes...
at 5:41:50pm on 4/5/07
my number is bigger =D
EmilyGesner writes...
at 5:17:28pm on 4/5/07
well, well, well I love you infinity times as many googolplexes as my grand total score :O times 31792795752957199999 99975279129751971965 98987998979879767269 54932542875848696899 69741987187187181786 17179871871719789179 81798178917897189178 91789178975282847926 894 ^^
xwaterxbabyx writes...
at 1:16:34pm on 3/31/07
lol i know but ya sti sorry but r u still wit him (u better not and if u r im gonna come r over ther) lol jk
xwaterxbabyx writes...
at 5:44:47pm on 3/28/07
awwww me sorry bout that ya and things never do T-T but ya know anything can happen :
xwaterxbabyx writes...
at 9:04:26pm on 3/27/07
kool ya i need to get a new skatebaord lol

and thats sweet kool
RB_SATANIC_666 writes...
at 8:46:21pm on 3/27/07
well im off to bed later on
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