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El Muffin writes...
at 11:18:02pm on 9/25/12
Hey it's been too long!
Jajadiddle06 writes...
at 11:51:42pm on 5/27/12
Whitney, won't you please come online and rescue me from this maddening boredom?! That's what this site is for, isn't it? For you, Whitney, to come along and rescue people from boredom? Where the heck are ya?!?? I'm having a BBQ tomorrow, I'm psyched! :D
ClydeBeataR@M@ writes...
at 9:36:26pm on 2/14/12
BAHHHH oh really how come?
Cubsrox writes...
at 1:00:38pm on 2/10/12
hehe yay!!
Cubsrox writes...
at 1:49:25am on 2/10/12
yes its on my page! ^_^
ClydeBeataR@M@ writes...
at 8:15:03pm on 2/6/12
Lol I was just asking! :)
Havent seen any of the new episodes.
And sorry for not responding sooner been busy with college finally on break.
Cubsrox writes...
at 8:03:34pm on 2/6/12
how you been dork :)
Cubsrox writes...
at 12:05:21pm on 2/1/12
DUDE!!! you still come on here ^_^
ClydeBeataR@M@ writes...
at 3:20:37am on 1/21/12
ClydeBeataR@M@ writes...
at 1:29:24am on 1/20/12
HIYA! :3
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