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About me:
I'm sixteen. I like anime+touhou.
Anime, Music, FFR and Touhou.
Fav Music:
Mostly rock, J-rock and J-pop.
Fav Movies:
Grave of the Fireflies, Secret.
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Random Thoughts
Str⑨ngest day
Posted on: September 9, 2009, at 11:00:56am   [0 comments]
Happy Cirno Day! Baka~

4 Billion!!
Posted on: September 22, 2008, at 03:52:15pm   [2 comments]
I finally reached 2 billion points! That took so long xD. The song I played was Pupil Of Frenzy. Ahh, 2 bil.[Sept 22nd]

Feb 6th- 3 Billion! Wewt~ Song played to get to 3 billion was Setsujou! Hyakka Rouran! Yay. That took longer than it should have.

Aug 22nd- 4 Billion. I think the song was Silence.

Phynx's 2nd Unofficial FFR Tournament
Posted on: September 12, 2008, at 06:23:18pm   [4 comments]
Okay so Round 5 started. The song I have to play is I Patch's OP. I've been eliminated. I couldn't get under 10 goods anymore. I wasn't going to stress myself anymore. It was fun while it lasted.

Round 1 - Theme of Dragoon Knights- AAA

Round 2 - Zodiac - AAA

Round 3 - Elements - AAA

Round 4 - Domani - Blackflag

Round 5 - IPatch's OP - 4 goods
Final Placement: Top 10.

Karma- Bump Of Chicken ( Tota)
Posted on: July 13, 2008, at 12:29:53pm   [0 comments]

Comment wall
Harp of Altara writes...
at 1:19:05am on 7/8/09
Well, you should try - it's really a lot of fun! Well, when you actually have time to write, haha.
Harp of Altara writes...
at 12:33:55am on 7/4/09
Haha, noted. I really should get back to my writing as well.
Harp of Altara writes...
at 8:52:15pm on 7/1/09
Looks like my typing is suffering from misuse as well, haha.
Harp of Altara writes...
at 8:51:41pm on 7/1/09
Haha, disjointed conversation much? Congratulations of your test, though!
As for me, I've been pretty busy, as usual. Since it's the summer now though, I'll probably have a bit more time to swing my and update my profile every now and then.
Harp of Altara writes...
at 9:18:32pm on 6/29/09
Supposedly, my smoke bomb misfired and entrapped me inside for a period of two months, until an unfortunate illusionist tried to use it as part of his act. Let me tell you, it's quite spacious in there~
Haha, honestly though, I'll try to remember better next time. How have you been, anyways?
XXXsmittyXXX writes...
at 11:50:03am on 6/25/09
accidentally downvoted you lmao so sorry about that one.
Soldat_of_life writes...
at 1:06:52pm on 6/17/09
Thank you for the insight :)
Soldat_of_life writes...
at 11:23:49am on 6/16/09
Oh, and nice profile. Interesting how you used the twins from Ouran High School Host Club ;)
Soldat_of_life writes...
at 11:22:58am on 6/16/09
Harp said she'd accept my random demand of making a fanfic of around 3000 words. Though lately she seems to be inactive. I noticed that you said that this happened ''again'', so would you have any idea how long does her absences usually last, and if she tends to come back to FFR? She seems like a very nice and interesting person, so it would be sad to see her dissapear after barely meeting her ^^
Harp of Altara writes...
at 12:09:40pm on 4/8/09
Haha, sounds like my type of writing! Do share.
I'm really thinking about possibly reopening my account, but I also have original projects in the works too. Ah, so many things, so little time.
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