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My name is Haylee, I am 16 years old. i loooove anything. Someday i want to help russian ophans. one of my friend was adopted from russia, and she teaches me russian sometimes, we hang out everyday at lunch time...i also hang with my friend luan sometimes. GAH! i've been here for 4 years O_O
learning russian it getting really good! Gauging my ears Current size is a 12Ga. if you gauge ur ears start with a fourteen. and when up go up a size it will burn!
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folk, alternative. anykind but rap and country
Fav Movies:
I don't have any :P
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Posted on: July 8, 2009, at 09:48:54am   [0 comments]
HI PEOPLE<3333333


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gh98 writes...
at 9:32:57pm on 11/25/10
hey its me gh99 remember me brad um yea it seems like u havnt been on in forever to I just wanted to let u know that i am actually single now me and my ex that i have been with over 4 years is actually over i have been single for like 8 months now!!! so msg me back if u ever get back on ffr again lol
desetheran writes...
at 4:11:05pm on 12/15/09
Lol, thanks. Yeaa ive been growing it out. Might cut it. I went to some party and passed out and woke up with my hair braided o.0
desetheran writes...
at 1:13:51am on 7/29/09
Whats up?
Havnt said much to you in a while. How are you?
Tenacious M writes...
at 11:22:45pm on 7/4/09
Well, first, let me apologize for my post being so late. And my favorite song would have to be Obscure, although I do also enjoy Umbrella.
desetheran writes...
at 7:29:33pm on 6/12/09
Yes.. so do you speak any russian?
luvmyfamily2234 writes...
at 6:17:15pm on 6/10/09
lol hhhheeeeyy we hav to tlk sometime u kno also wats up?? hows it going??
Tenacious M writes...
at 9:40:31am on 5/24/09
Dir en Grey is amazing. =D
Illusional Angel writes...
at 9:17:06am on 5/2/09
Prevettt. :]]
Kisu~Kisu writes...
at 10:41:24pm on 4/24/09
hii~ ^____^
musical_vampire writes...
at 8:51:59pm on 4/24/09
hah he is indeed very orgasmic ;D lol
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