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White Mage writes...
at 3:54:04pm on 5/3/13
ive been pretty decent, now living in Texas. yourself?
White Mage writes...
at 8:15:28pm on 2/20/12
im good thanks. so whatcha been up to?
googreal writes...
at 3:55:20pm on 11/9/11
My name is glory i saw your profile
today at and became intrested in you,i
will also like to know you more,and
if you can send an email to my email
address,i will give you my pictures
here is my email address
( I believe we
can move from here! Awaiting for your
mail to my emai1_ address above.
Miss glory
White Mage writes...
at 1:03:22am on 10/15/10
DRAGON!!! this place works again!!! so howru?
White Mage writes...
at 3:52:27pm on 11/15/09
lol cool. and im sry, are you ever full? lol jk, and im good, just tryin to manage everything in my life, including grades, which have pleaasingsly stayed up. howru?
White Mage writes...
at 2:49:39pm on 10/31/09
lol, its ok, you can bother me alll you want. and ya it does suck having limited access on the comp. but i make due with what ive got. so howru?
White Mage writes...
at 5:49:51pm on 10/18/09
DRAGONSLAYER!!! ya how was the army thing? learn any new tricks? lol jk. ya its been a bummer not bein able to talk to you, i have like, next to no time on the comp cause my mom doesnt like me bein on here, but i am a teenager so when i get the chance i get on lol. so howru? im 17 now, soon to be 18 in february. howru doin? hows life?
SarahStone writes...
at 11:24:34pm on 10/8/09
lol it has been a long time
SarahStone writes...
at 10:09:40pm on 4/24/09
lol.hi.i played you as bobeck5 this is my real account.
~{Renji}~ writes...
at 4:40:38pm on 2/20/09
lolz i can c bleach all the time ^^ the stupid ad keeps popping up
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