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probably drunk
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dood gone krazee writes at 4:49:54pm on 4/26/15
Hey man, just saw your message. I don't remember your name as Ziddy but I definitely remember PhoenixDown! SMO days... good times.
JurseyRider734 writes at 12:54:34am on 12/8/14
yes i am, unfortunately. i am alive, and on this website. fml
Lambdadelta writes at 3:24:23am on 12/5/14
I've selected you for my team, please post in DC's tourney thread.
CDCan writes at 7:13:05pm on 11/29/14
that is awesome, games played after a decade, well done.
cabriteiro writes at 3:51:49am on 2/4/11
hi going to wish great weekend xD
Nu0n writes at 10:37:29am on 6/17/09
Nu0n writes at 10:37:08am on 6/17/09
who the fuck are you
iCeCuBEz v2 writes at 6:26:32pm on 4/6/09
love ya too man
GENS151 writes at 5:10:05pm on 2/9/09
xfire is down.
dood gone krazee writes at 3:31:11pm on 3/18/08
Really, would song count do it? I only have like 1404 or something.