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im a cool girl.....reaaly chill. i am from paris france.
Drums, photography, MAKEUP, fashion,FORENSIC SCIENCE
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halloween (all of them), Elephant, how high
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Scorpchick16- writes...
at 2:07:19pm on 6/5/08
Folly writes...
at 7:02:42pm on 2/1/08
n.n hows it hangin
Angel Rafael writes...
at 10:28:10pm on 5/30/07
Alpha_Helix writes...
at 6:56:26pm on 5/30/07
we should talk sometime :D
Alpha_Helix writes...
at 9:24:01pm on 5/23/07
its been months and months since last i talked to you:D go to the game and search for the game peacenquite
Alpha_Helix writes...
at 5:55:43pm on 5/22/07
mattmcc2323 writes...
at 7:55:19am on 4/9/07
mattmcc2323......... ...... ya i aint original either
mattmcc2323 writes...
at 12:15:30am on 4/9/07
how............ original. mine is as it seems ill let u desicfer that for im sure a smart gal like u will figure that riddle out. but yes for ur aim r the spaces in it or not
mattmcc2323 writes...
at 10:00:24pm on 4/8/07
hey i try to be funny its what im best at. but hey.miss foxy u one pyscodelic chick if ya ask me. and personaly this groovey evenin gotta continue u somehow. if i could get ur screenname that would be affuly nice dont ya think. well wow that took alot out of me to much 70's i feel like leon felps. but ya ttyl. peace
mattmcc2323 writes...
at 9:05:46am on 4/8/07
i may be 16 but i love the 70's but ya ur a foxy chick cuz so far from what ive seen ur personality seems great. and well ur just a babe with gorgous eyes. thats why ur foxy
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