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Well I'm not that good at describing myself but if I did I guess I'd say that I'm a crazy person and I do stupid things. (generally any dares that i get XD)I'm 16 years old and I go to Spring Stead High School. One of my dreams is to become a professional guitarist. (it'll take a while but I'm gonna try) :P
I like to do anything almost as long as it entertains me, but I love to play guitar and have played for about 7 years.
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RockerSam writes...
at 5:21:16pm on 12/18/09
lol thats nice wanna come 2 tp then :P im like dead bored XD
RockerSam writes...
at 4:00:13pm on 12/18/09
hey tuna hows it going im bored :P
RockerSam writes...
at 7:52:35am on 12/17/09
omg.. im so late 2 skool rite now XD sleped in oh well i'll go during 2nd period :P
RockerSam writes...
at 9:34:36pm on 12/16/09
:O wow thats real cool =^-^= u should make a vid of u playen the guitar and post it :P (just a random thought but u should) im bored ima head over 2 tp k
RockerSam writes...
at 9:25:03pm on 12/16/09
lol i'll take ur word for it grrrr im jealus of my bro (oh god i nvr thought id say that) he is playen the keyboard n he learned how 2 play couple songs... and he leared how 2 play the guitar 2 but says he likes the keyboard better (cuz he likes tecno music i bet :P)
RockerSam writes...
at 9:19:41pm on 12/16/09
lol wat do u mean hurt? my ears or my fingers?
RockerSam writes...
at 9:15:07pm on 12/16/09
lol nice :P once i learn how 2 play ima get 1 XD
RockerSam writes...
at 9:09:19pm on 12/16/09
lol sure :P ur very smartical (my word no one but me can use it) btw thats an awesome guitar... i want it.. i left u a pic message
RockerSam writes...
at 9:05:46pm on 12/16/09
lol i would tell u but looks like u found out :P
RockerSam writes...
at 8:32:40pm on 12/16/09
lol k :P
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