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A Random Poem v3
Posted on: February 21, 2008, at 04:30:24pm

This time its an epic poem!

The Assassin

There the assassin crouched,
Fingering the knife in his pouch,
Waiting, waiting for the man to go by,
Staring out of the bushes ever so sly,
The slowly the man walked ahead,
The assassin flung himself out and the man fled,
But alas he was too slow and the assassin caught the man,
The tried to fight back using his pen,
The battle lasted long as the man was quite strong,
Yet after a while the assassin won and gashed his torso ever so long,
He bled quite profusly,
His muscles spread loosly,
The assassin took his prize,
The Book of Arkania The Wize,
The man would not survive the wound,
He will die very, very soon,
The assassin jumped onto a builing,
He began singing,
The man let out a final cry,
And the assassin got away ever so sly.

By Me,
Nick Allen