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Hey, my name is Julius and I've been a member here for over 10 years; just lost my password to my old username haha. Derp.
The most boring things you could think of.
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trashboat writes at 6:18:42pm on 2/5/15
I get off work in 3 hours!! Please no, anything but.
trashboat writes at 5:42:15pm on 2/5/15
all I've had today is coffe and water!! a redbull sounds nice right now. I NEED TO GROW SOME WINGS
trashboat writes at 2:55:43pm on 2/5/15
Squirtle x3 writes at 8:26:58pm on 2/4/15
My dad was in the hospital and now he needs to take medication. So I look after him and take care of him. I sometimes don't get relax time, and I was in the accounting bachelor's
Squirtle x3 writes at 8:19:01pm on 2/4/15
I start work tomorrow, I dropped out of my bachelor's program. And been taking care of my dad.
Squirtle x3 writes at 8:03:06pm on 2/4/15
Who does? :c
Squirtle x3 writes at 7:57:34pm on 2/4/15
I know haha, I been alright yourself?
Squirtle x3 writes at 7:37:36pm on 2/4/15
(: hey
trashboat writes at 3:38:24pm on 2/4/15
that sounds horribe. :/ at least the day is almost here!!
trashboat writes at 1:14:31pm on 2/4/15
very ;)