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well, my name is eric, im 18, and i love to skate. i'm a pretty easy going guy for the most part. i love meeting new people and making new friends because they are one of the key things to happieness. i enjoy going to the beach, hangin out with friends, goin to parties, and just chillin. in my spare time i like playin some games like counterstrike and ps3. thats a little bit about me, you can add me or drop me a comment if you like. peace.
friends, music, movies, the beach, swimming, sports, females, games.
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As my verse disperses the worst curses a person hurts worse than the first virgin's privacy purse burstin’ rap and rock bitch, the fuck you think?
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Posted on: May 3, 2008, at 10:20:22pm   [0 comments]
Professional, upping the decibel a decimal above
Extraterrestrial audible vessels
For blood audible missiles and vocal dismissals
Like pistols tearing through MC's skeletal gristles
Beneficial's ripping in the kids brain tissues
Leaving them a bit retarded with personal issues
Personal misuse, of my tracks have tested deadly
Infested steady when my tracks are pressed and ready
To flood your brain like cocaine ingested heavy
Invest in every bit of protection when testing Benny
I've battled plenty, and everyone is rattle empty
Without a skeleton to hold 'em up they had to temp me
And then correctly, spitting at me like a Jetski
Go ahead and press me, bones crunch like Nestle
Arrest me, sentence me and lock me away
So the streets can be safe for emcee's to play
By the way, when i spit don't get hit by a stray
Cause every random word i say can shatter your vertebrae
Every verb I spray is a mist called Herb-away
Word play, that will keep emcee's on the curb all day
In a verbal way, I get violent and kill quick
To define me kids make up words like "Ill-Sick"
Whose a relic, wack emcee's heads are real thick
So the target is big, my metaphors will stick

Comment wall
RaiBlade writes...
at 9:29:00am on 9/4/08
He's a character from the Darkstalkers fighing game series, I think it was on the older Playstation or something.
hot_blonde714 writes...
at 10:45:23pm on 5/5/08
i got the song bitch!
*BrittanyBaby* writes...
at 9:58:11pm on 5/5/08
brittney spears
*BrittanyBaby* writes...
at 9:56:42pm on 5/5/08
give me more
hot_blonde714 writes...
at 7:34:24pm on 5/4/08
lol u talk to people??
*BrittanyBaby* writes...
at 6:08:15pm on 5/3/08
stop ruining my wallllll haha.
everytime i take it over someone HAS to write on it haha
NFSHP2 writes...
at 7:08:45pm on 5/2/08
oo wat ever.... your just like me then..
PerfecT o R y D o writes...
at 10:06:09pm on 5/1/08
sick banner
NFSHP2 writes...
at 8:55:31pm on 5/1/08
cool.... hey i didnt know you like dragon ball z.... that think is bad..
*BrittanyBaby* writes...
at 8:55:29pm on 5/1/08
oh haha well i didnt know you didnt put jk or lol or haha at all so
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