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Location:Scotland, United Kingdom
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About me:
Hey, I'm Ashleigh! F/17/Scotland I'm here to play FFR a lot more than I'm here for social crap but drop me a comment if you feel like it ;) Unfortunately I'm one of those creepy fandom people so you may not feel like it
Hetalia, Sherlock, ROTG, Frozen, Kuroshitsuji, Hello Kitty
Fav Music:
Blink-182, Panic! At The Disco, All Time Low, Patent Pending
Fav Movies:
Frozen, Hetalia: Paint it White, Rise of the Guardians, Les Miserables, The Aristocats, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Grave of the Fireflies
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DefiningAtrosity writes...
at 4:46:52pm on 3/6/13
Your avatar.... it makes me cry... tears of hilarity and joy.
Illiko writes...
at 4:31:55pm on 1/5/12
Mangas were the shittt xD
Illiko writes...
at 11:14:47am on 1/5/12
Hey your DP is Loveless. That was a good Manga <3
Puzzler64 writes...
at 4:24:50pm on 9/21/11
That's my favorite card too! ^_^
Dark Magician Girl is the best <3
Puzzler64 writes...
at 1:28:52pm on 9/21/11
Thx for the vote :)
Cool, I see u like Yu-Gi-Oh as well :D
Lazer140 writes...
at 4:05:19pm on 6/17/11
ur welcome
Lazer140 writes...
at 3:57:11pm on 6/17/11
oh sorry it becausei thoute i put thums up but i do like ur profile
Lazer140 writes...
at 3:46:38pm on 6/17/11
MachoMachoMan writes...
at 6:55:41am on 5/14/11
Hey Ash.
avenged7Xgirl writes...
at 7:56:39am on 4/25/11
SEcond person!
x <3
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