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I am two, but one.
Getting into tier 3
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I listen to ffr music only.
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Duncan Hills Jingle ffr version
Posted on: June 9, 2007, at 05:59:19pm   [0 comments]
ya so we submitted a song for the ffr subscription and will post it up here later so ya =)

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Wintergreen writes...
at 2:06:57am on 5/28/07
u mean jello and dragon o.O?

Wintergreen writes...
at 2:01:53am on 5/28/07
lol, go look at my eye n.n
Wintergreen writes...
at 2:00:20am on 5/28/07
one... but two @.@?
Wintergreen writes...
at 1:56:08am on 5/28/07
n.n ♥♥♥

oh! *votes 4 u* n.n
Wintergreen writes...
at 1:52:28am on 5/28/07
psh, he's becoming less awesome by the minute ;P
Wintergreen writes...
at 1:49:00am on 5/28/07
he's awsome sauce ;)
ZZ-Ultimo writes...
at 10:52:47pm on 5/27/07
me and hariu live next to each othe in mn well we go to school together XD
ask me nice'll AND i might tell you where in mn X3
Wintergreen writes...
at 9:58:26pm on 5/27/07
jello @.@?
Wintergreen writes...
at 9:55:37pm on 5/27/07
hello? @.@?

who ish this? o.O?
[Haruhi] writes...
at 7:22:40pm on 5/27/07
Saint Paul
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