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BioxXxHazard writes...
at 8:47:20am on 11/12/07
hello and how are you today ??
GiR- writes...
at 5:06:22pm on 10/12/07
corbin16 writes...
at 1:44:47pm on 9/24/07
hey whats up
hyrochu writes...
at 6:43:50pm on 9/18/07
hello thas nice to play whit you
kurisushadow writes...
at 12:09:57pm on 8/19/07
hey babe i dont know how but i cant get back on here so het there baby i love you
Hellcommander writes...
at 3:40:53pm on 8/16/07
play online ?
Hellcommander writes...
at 9:27:50am on 8/16/07
hey you are realy a perfectool :)
kurisushadow writes...
at 5:44:55am on 8/16/07
hey there babe i dont know how i got on here but i just got a feeling to try it anyways. i dont know how longthe site can be brought up and such you jus in cause heres my emailo again yourkidsbeenkidnaped lol remember email me love.

oh yeah and i love youmore ha ha i win
StPhocas writes...
at 9:51:39am on 8/15/07
Hello! Wassup? I'm really really bored. I just wanted to say that
kurisushadow writes...
at 7:58:44pm on 8/13/07
lol well i had time tonight lol anyways yeah i love you too baby and im gonna come home a soon as possible i promise best part is i can smoke over christmas lol just as long as i dont come back looking conspicuouse or however you spell it lol any ways im glad that your ok and and all and i love you so much your all i talk about here people keep telling me to shut up about you and ways well i have to go clean up now .....gah that sounds like all i do here man that sucks balls well it will all be worth it in the end
well your letter goes out tommorow so hope you like my pics they arent the best in the world but they are the best i can do with the short time that i get to draw for you baby hope you like them and congrates on the skill tokens even i cant get hat many you may kick my ass i hope so ide love you have a hard time playing you baby well gotsta go much love and stay safe ill be home soon love
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