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OMG?!?! WHERE DO I BEGIN?!?!? apparently i dont :D
stuff thats interesting... and being sarcastic...
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anything metal will do!
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Posted on: August 25, 2007, at 05:01:43pm   [0 comments]
it really stinks when you dont play for a month and then you suddenly go from rank 475 to 735


i better start working my way back down v.v;

also i really really really hate how many skill tokens there are now... i have like... a fifth of all of them... and ever notice how 2/3 of all the skill tokens have INSANE or just plain stupid requirement to get them?


im off to go try to get some skill tokens and tier points v.v; wish me luck... *as i will most certainly need it*

Posted on: July 16, 2006, at 10:22:42pm   [0 comments]
right now im craving bananas... that ever happen to you... but im not hungry... ima go eat a banana anyway...

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andili writes...
at 5:06:01pm on 4/30/08
ur avi=mai last name yey
TC_Sh4d0wRe4p3r666 writes...
at 9:40:39pm on 4/21/08
:) Check your TC account's PM. NAO
-KIDTHONG- writes...
at 3:16:46am on 12/2/07
I cant wait to start the tourney. New date is the 5th. :]]
thunder pussy writes...
at 4:50:50pm on 11/27/07
Hey! thanks :)
lovelovesuugaar writes...
at 9:49:21pm on 9/14/07
hey! :]
TC_mistrisofevl writes...
at 2:01:42pm on 8/26/07
ok im coming NOW!!!!!
TC_mistrisofevl writes...
at 1:31:27pm on 8/26/07
whenever u comment me telling me to go to MP
omega248 writes...
at 1:20:16pm on 8/26/07
TC_mistrisofevl writes...
at 8:02:03am on 8/26/07
idk y im making u try out since i know ur gonna make it but
1. u have to beat a FMO song
2. u have to be able to beat me
just leave me a comment and i will meet u in MP
axznangel125 writes...
at 2:01:34am on 8/26/07
thx 4 the vote!^-^
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