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Hey I'm Mitch. I'm a 17 year old guy that lies around playing Video games and Guitar mostly. I don't really write about myself sooooo if u wanna take the time and get know me then PM me or somethin
Ps3 Playing my Guitar(helps me think) DDR and FFR Messing around xP Music(duh)
Fav Music:
Basically anything except rap...
Fav Movies:
Tlk to me to find out!!!
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death wish 2 writes...
at 2:18:03pm on 9/28/08
death wish 2 writes...
at 7:33:53pm on 5/30/08
wow u havent talked to me in a while
death wish 2 writes...
at 9:04:45pm on 5/17/08
today is cute friend day
and ur one cute friend
send this to all ur cute friends
(even me )
if u get 6 back
4=some wat okay
3=a lil better not so bad lookin
1=fuckin ugly
if u get this more then 6 times its means ur one sexi babe
even though we already kno ur sexi
death wish 2 writes...
at 5:31:43pm on 5/16/08
ok but wen cuz im not gonna b on tat much tis weekend
death wish 2 writes...
at 6:48:23pm on 5/15/08
awwwwwww tat rlly sucks im gonna miss u while i cnt talk to u
juragirl writes...
at 6:14:27pm on 5/12/08
u cant make it unless u have the second set of #'s on the right side of ur keyboard. then u just hold down alt...and the number 3 on the right side of the keyboard... (2 buttons over from the right hand shift key...if u dont have ne buttons next 2 ur right shift key...then u cant do it)
death wish 2 writes...
at 3:43:38pm on 5/12/08
i still cant make the heart
death wish 2 writes...
at 3:11:44pm on 5/12/08
how did u make tat heart
death wish 2 writes...
at 3:10:57pm on 5/12/08
luv u too
death wish 2 writes...
at 3:10:21pm on 5/12/08
the only reason i thought ur name was max waz cuz it had the word max in ur user name and byeeeeeeeeeee again *hugs*
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