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my hands hurt!! :(
Posted on: January 18, 2021, at 10:34:08pm

so i've really been wanting to get back into 4k rhythm games for a while now (and get back into keyboard vsrgs as a whole), but it seems that every time i do try to get back into them recently it puts a tremendous amount of strain on my hands (my right hand in particular).

basically what i think this means is, going forward, i think it might be better for me if i took a small step back from playing really fast/hard stuff constantly for improvement's sake in order to prevent anything really bad from happening long-term. but i don't want that to be the end because these games are really important to me!! so i think i'm just gonna try to focus more on becoming a better accuracy player from here on out.

i definitely still wanna try to get better at harder stuff! but i really need to adjust in order to prevent me from killing my hands LOL

anyway this is definitely a Bloated Random Thought but i never use these things enough. might as well get that off my mind since i've been thinking about it a lot lately and trying to figure out what to do. :)

  1. aww shiet, sucks to hear your hands are still bothering you :c i'm in a similar place though honestly, haven't really played a lil over a month cause i keep feeling a lot of strain (but not pain) in my left wrist whenever i do. it sucks lol.
    your acc is already nuts though. watch as you become like dynam0 v2 or some shit lmao