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Mixed half black and white at the same time... the names Elijah D.
Skating, Girls, Gaming, Music, and did i say girls? trees and i aint talkin about the ones with branches HA!
Fav Music:
Binary star, Blackstar, Gangstarr, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, granite state, one be lo, cunninglynguist, Living Legends, Termanology, Heiroglyhpics, Zion I, REKS, Juice, Supernatural, Jurassic 5, Atmosphere, Immortal Technique, Thes one, Rjd2, Braille, The Roots, People Under The Stairs, Slum Village, many more underground beast
Fav Movies:
Anchorman, Dave chapple - anything his standup, his block party, his show/dvd's .... another funny comedian out right now is Kat Williams
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old school games
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Tony ja is a BEAST
Posted on: March 24, 2007, at 01:09:19am   [0 comments]

Pj ladd
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Team3D WSVG Kentucky Documentary
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RIZE battlezone
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lycon writes...
at 7:11:42pm on 3/26/11
Adamaja456 writes...
at 7:42:09am on 7/18/07
aahh i see, that sounds pretty awesome

i dont play video games anymore, i had a shitty gamecube but there was no good games so i gave it to my sister who is goin back to Idaho

im more of a halo/gears of war player =]
Adamaja456 writes...
at 6:21:14pm on 7/17/07
haha yea i can tell where any song is pretty quick

lol, i love militant black guy vids, they're hilarious XD
thanks, you should practice and get really good too =]
Adamaja456 writes...
at 9:35:38pm on 7/15/07
haha no problem dude, thanks for the thumbs up
Adamaja456 writes...
at 9:55:48pm on 7/13/07
{Losing Touch} is in the Dance section =]
i love that song
kristen2brandon writes...
at 7:20:49pm on 7/13/07
ah yeah no prob
wrie bakc just to chat

love kristen
1hottie writes...
at 12:18:55am on 7/12/07
I said hi but ok
kristen2brandon writes...
at 7:16:10pm on 7/11/07
damn ur cute wanna be friends
write back just to chat
hey i gave ur profile a tumbs up hope u can do the same
1hottie writes...
at 2:25:11pm on 7/10/07
x6tence writes...
at 9:13:16pm on 6/4/07
oh,just go to additional profile settings at the top of the screen
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