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Location:New Brunswick, Canada
Last Activity:07-20-2009
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Gaming Region:USA - Mid-Atlantic
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Midnighter writes...
at 1:51:32pm on 9/21/09
don't worry i'll still call YOU ;-)
Midnighter writes...
at 1:48:41pm on 9/21/09
Due to unfortunate circumstances, i am no longer allowed to have an FFR Profile. I've enjoyed our time together but this is my last time logging on. I was never suppose to have a profile and my rents found out. I got in a SHIT-LOAD of trouble so no more FFR. Hopefully i'll meet u in the real world an we can still be friends. If not, then our friendship ends here and i'm thankful we at least had one. Remember me, because i'll remember you...
the_final_pie writes...
at 12:15:21am on 8/1/09
You look very familiar, you from Moncton?
Midnighter writes...
at 4:24:08pm on 7/25/09
i'm on right now and your new avi is soooo HOT!!! I miss u too. Sorry but becuz i'm at band camp now i won't be on during the week, only the weekends between 6:00 and 10:00 ur time. I hope i see on ^^
Midnighter writes...
at 6:01:02pm on 6/18/09
i'm on right now
Midnighter writes...
at 5:45:24pm on 6/17/09
i'm on right now and your new avi is soooo HOT!!!
Midnighter writes...
at 9:47:31pm on 6/16/09
my bad, sorry. I'll try to be on between 7-12 you're time everyday(except saturday).I'll try to be on at the latest 8:30 you're time. This is the last time i'll change the times i'm on.
Midnighter writes...
at 8:00:14pm on 6/12/09
i'll be here on tuesday from 8-10 your time. Please get on and wait for me. :-)
Midnighter writes...
at 9:40:27pm on 6/11/09
sorry i couldn't get on in time, i'll be back tomorrow
Midnighter writes...
at 9:40:20pm on 6/11/09
sorry i couldn't get on in time i'll be back tomorrow
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