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FFR Average Rank:57,588
FFR Grandtotal Rank:1,081,818
FFR Grandtotal:609,430
FFR Games Played:6
Last Activity:04-10-2007
Member for: 14.84 years
Gaming Region:USA - South Atlantic
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Pok Kitten writes...
at 3:32:20pm on 7/19/08
hyrochu writes...
at 2:18:09pm on 9/8/07
UltimaAssassin writes...
at 7:48:21pm on 8/8/07
o.O long time no see women lol!
Kickballgirls writes...
at 5:06:42pm on 8/6/07
Nice Picture......
UltimaAssassin writes...
at 6:45:10am on 5/12/07
ok when monday comes i will be there ^^ sorry to worrie you its just having a g/f and playing ffr = lot of time but i will try now to play less ffr and more FFXI see you there ^^
chunky_cheese writes...
at 12:32:10am on 5/5/07
Hello there :)
I gave your profile a thumbs up! Hope you can vote mine too.
Happy FFR'ing!
UltimaAssassin writes...
at 4:35:19pm on 4/30/07
lol do you miss me in FFXI tp poke me ^^?
UltimaAssassin writes...
at 8:14:13pm on 4/9/07
*EVADES* if your on right now at 9:18 PM i will wait for u in lobby ffr ^^
UltimaAssassin writes...
at 7:50:23pm on 4/7/07
KIORA IS MINE STILL!!!!!!!!! i will teach her HOW TO OWN!!!!!!!!
Bloody Rose Assassin writes...
at 7:48:05pm on 4/7/07
this is Ultima sister saying hi n.n
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