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Posted on: January 19, 2009, at 03:45:30pm

Recently I've been discovering that people feel that the site leans towards favorites surrounding a few artists, including myself. And while I can't say for sure whether that's true or not, I don't think it's fair for me or the other artists to be pinpointed as such. We write music, we love what we do, and hopefully people enjoy it as much as we do.

I feel kind of bad that there has to be this sort of tension between artists, and that I have to be in the middle between you guys and the administration, because I like all of you guys, and I always try to help you out any way that I can.

Anyways, I'm sure there are few people that think I'm just trying to stroke my ego here, but fuck that. I'm just keepin this shit real dawg.

  1. I definately have to agree and disagree with you hear for 2 points
    point 1(agree): yes there is a sort of "favoritism" in the FFR community to the veteran artists simply because you/they are veterans in the FFR game and have an overall greater exposure to the FFR community and players alike.
    points 2(disagree): On the opposite side of the token(metaphorically speaking lol{not FFR tokens song speaking}) everyone has to start at the bottom of the totem pole and to get higher on that totem pole an artist would have to seek out sim artists. I believe this favoritsm is a partial newbie FFR musician misconception that there music is hawt shyt and people will find them.
    I myself at first was a little jealous of CnB, Sharpnel, YOU and Dbu but came to the realization that it take work and dedication to get to the FFR stature that you and many others have accomplished through the years.

  2. Childish politicking and pricks on FFR? Pfft, no way.