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DragonForce, Event Sevenfold, ICP, SOAD, MSI, OK! Go, GWAR, White Stripes, BloodHound Gang, Block Party, Dir en Grey, Maximum the Hormone, Gackt, Miyavi, Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois, AKFG,H&MC, Chemical Brothers, FLOW, MUCC, ORANGE RANGE, Alice Nine, Partly Cloudy Days,
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Anything funny and I'll sit through it.
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Quite possibly the greatest song ever.
Posted on: July 19, 2007, at 06:39:34pm   [1 comment]

Canon in rock major!! >.<
Posted on: July 19, 2007, at 06:26:08pm   [1 comment]

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i love you writes...
at 5:43:25pm on 8/23/07
mercury_pistol writes...
at 3:14:31am on 7/21/07
roflmfao hellz yeah i did!!!!! you weren't fcking using em so i took em. lol. maybe i'll take the rest if you keep btchn! jk man. you can have em back if you really want em i dont need em anymore. just say when. xD
Trizma writes...
at 7:46:48pm on 7/6/07
Hey, how do you make it scroll through songs in the stupid fucking FFR shop?
Trizma writes...
at 2:37:36pm on 7/6/07
Hahaha, looks like you've been busy pissing off the other players. xD You douche flavored tastey cake. >.>
pilsburypunk writes...
at 8:27:23pm on 7/5/07
why you give me a thmb down bro?
Katie_Kombo writes...
at 6:15:49pm on 7/5/07
your a retard.
in your ''fav music'' catagory, you put "Event Sevenfold"
its freakin' called Avenged Sevenfold or A7X.
Ringo Star writes...
at 3:40:31pm on 7/5/07
...what the hell?you don't have the right to judge me!
My bittersweet moment writes...
at 2:43:13am on 7/5/07
Dude why thumbs down i did nothin to you
The_Killer_Egg7 writes...
at 2:43:03am on 7/5/07
lol someones a little jealous
Trizma writes...
at 6:48:04pm on 7/3/07
Jeff... you hoe.

I dunno, just had to say it
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