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It's been almost 8 years...
Posted on: January 4, 2020, at 05:09:35pm

I'm so damn out of touch with this site, I nearly forgot how to add Random Thoughts. Plus unfortunately, I lost most of my skills on this game. I could get back to how good I was if I keep playing, but I lack the interest I had in the game in 2012 lmao.

Edit 1/10/19: I'ma grind this game for a little while until I hit vet status lol. I'm literally about 150 mill from there.
Edit 1/11/20: I hit Veteran status, I'm quitting for good now.
Edit 1/13/20 I guess I'll just go for some challenging FCs or AAAs now that my account on PlayStation is suspended until the 18th. RIP lmao

Edit 1/19/20: I was actually 12 when I made this account lol. My typing in 2012 was cringe wtf. Turning 20 in August btw.

Edit 2/5/20: Just letting y'all know, My keyboard on my laptop can't register when I hit 3 or 4 notes simultaneously. I'd have to hit one note then the two quickly as if they're separate. So I'd risk getting Goods. I thought I should let everyone know.

  1. "but I lack the interest I had in the game in 2012 lmao."
    The cap.