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Mow :3
Posted on: January 19, 2009, at 05:15:24pm

So um... The arcade I go to just closed down so FFR is filling the ITG void in my life for now XD.
Here's a video I took there lol:

Also, if for some unknown reason you want to subscribe to me, that is my video but not my channel. My account is GlowITG, and I just have an old ITG video of me on there, my Novo Mundo video, as well as Joel/Lordd_Magus playing Through the Fire and the Flames on pad (which is recent and impressive >.>). I am going on a trip to Toronto next month and I hope to get better videos then, maybe something like passing Dokudenpa (the Stepmania one) on pad. Depends how screwed up I will be from getting out of practice. :P

  1. Well there's always Pro when I get it.

  2. Very nice. :3

  3. Hahaha.
    :] Very nice. And look at that crowd! They want you. (Seriously) (unless some of them are relatives?)

  4. XD Haha nope, I probs wouldn't bring my family to the arcade; some people are kinda sketchy there. >.>

  5. I don't think I can 99 anything.. much less 99.84 very nice :D
    I miss our old ITG machine :(

  6. you must have fast feet to do that