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sup ppl, im 18 and havin a good time... lol. ya that pik, i have no idea when i took it, but i did, so idk, everyone i kno says that they like it... lol
video games, sprots, music and havin a good time.
Fav Music:
anythin other than blues, but i prefer rap
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HK_Aeon writes...
at 2:04:14am on 9/28/07
yeah dude. There's a section on my profile under where my picture and info is at that should show the # of AAA's and FCs I have
HK_Aeon writes...
at 1:20:40pm on 9/27/07
Ah a wonderful AAA =P. A AAA is when you get nothing but perfects on a song. No goods,avgs,misses,or boos. It's pretty hard but it's a great feeling to get one (if you know what it is) =P.
XxShady_AvenuexX writes...
at 11:48:49am on 7/27/07
hey, nice profile. :)
weirdogurl101 writes...
at 3:33:01pm on 7/17/07
wats ur number. JKIN
major-hooper writes...
at 12:38:00pm on 7/15/07
will u b mine????? :p
miss_hottie_dancer writes...
at 4:04:32pm on 7/9/07
aye mah sexy baybay
miss2spd writes...
at 12:54:14am on 7/8/07
hi there
thayerloverforlife writes...
at 2:32:46am on 6/17/07
hey sexy i voted for u!!!
miss2spd writes...
at 11:09:09pm on 6/6/07
hi there
Nu0n writes...
at 4:55:10am on 5/27/07
Thumbs up! welcome to FFR dude =D

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