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God this is an old username
Running, music, etc
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Drum'n'Bass, Hard Electro, a sprikling of Dubstep (not Brostep)
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The Hunger Games
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Biff_tech writes...
at 8:06:04am on 9/22/08
muhahaha i'm techniquely better then you again!
DJ Arsenault writes...
at 5:32:55pm on 9/18/08
cool avatar
igotrhythm writes...
at 8:02:39pm on 8/26/08
Will be a pleasure to talk to you on AIM. I could link you to the Elemental Championships and other examples of my RPing. AIM is qbsuperstar03 if you're interested.
igotrhythm writes...
at 8:04:45pm on 8/25/08
Thanks for the invite. What kind of RPs are you planning? I mainly do D&D, but I'm up for just about anything.
By the way, that Elemental Championships thing I mentioned a while back? I finished in 5th.
u84 writes...
at 3:37:03am on 7/28/08
By the way, let me in Fractal Spire.
Biff_tech writes...
at 3:37:40pm on 7/9/08
I have AIM lol.... oh ya
Biff_tech writes...
at 9:03:09pm on 7/8/08
I see you jumped WAY ahead of me.
Biff_tech writes...
at 8:59:23pm on 7/8/08
Very Hectic got outta school now i have to get a job,Apartment, and Drivers lisence.
Biff_tech writes...
at 8:33:47pm on 7/8/08
I still Suck, but i'm back in action.
SethSquall writes...
at 1:36:52pm on 6/22/08
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