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Goth~ 4k player || Sort of "good" || Sort of Active || Love Rythm Games || I build 3D models || Editor || Weeb I guess.
SpeedRunning (Includes: MKWII and SMW), I play Elctric Guitar :3, Music, Rythm games, Anime, Manga, 002~ <3
Fav Music:
Metal~Death Metal, Rock, Speedcore/Hardcore/Electronic, Classical, Rap, ect.
Fav Movies:
I dont have a Favorite movie.
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Location:A Place, Indiana, USA
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Comment wall
dewdew7 writes at 12:41:52am on 12/2/18
Hey ! Omg yah I do remember you from MP it's been such a long time!! I hope that you're able to come on more bc I would love to chill n play some files with you. Until next time
-Blue7- writes at 12:36:48pm on 5/24/18
son of a dink hopefully the breeedge didn collapse from fat hine (_(_)
-Blue7- writes at 2:38:45pm on 5/23/18
D: well for my sake i hope i got a to go box :P
-Blue7- writes at 2:51:09pm on 5/18/18
I hope I wasn't too boring to watch >.< best case scenario I went sleep walking to piano music and raided peoples fridges for food
-Blue7- writes at 9:04:18pm on 5/17/18
:D zzz
-Blue7- writes at 4:14:08pm on 5/17/18
Ur universal under the bed monster sleeper! Your salary must be sick, u kno, a MONSTROUSITY of a salary :P
-Blue7- writes at 12:09:55pm on 5/17/18
under you're bed? o_o
FirstMaple8 writes at 2:35:15pm on 5/16/18
keep playin those songs u monster
-Blue7- writes at 12:21:42pm on 5/3/18
u monster
-Blue7- writes at 5:53:18pm on 4/26/18
four kay resolution dog