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angi_cambi writes...
at 1:27:43pm on 1/6/08
where are yoouu?
Neonatrias writes...
at 5:29:40pm on 12/3/07
It's all from Touhou.
gizzmo53220 writes...
at 6:58:49pm on 11/30/07
12PM next day
angi_cambi writes...
at 5:46:24pm on 11/30/07
NEPTUNE!! it's it like freezing there all the time. I don't even want to think about how cold it gets in the winter time. hmm... road trip to neptune eh? hmm...sounds interesting, possibly groundbreaking? NEXT INVENTION... a car that can travel to neptune:D:D. hehe. this one might be tricky.. but since you live there i've got an inside source. MUHAHA.. one step up on NASA BIATCH! lmao. soo let me get something straight.. on neptune you have ffr... but not msn. something needs to be done about that. on my roadtrip i'll bring some msn with me
gizzmo53220 writes...
at 5:03:00pm on 11/30/07
what up?
angi_cambi writes...
at 12:33:37pm on 11/30/07
NO instant messenger??? what planet do you live on?!?!? lol jk but dude.. get msn.. fer suure!! heh annnddddd i didn't even think of adding a tv in there even better... actually.. hmm.. oh man the ideas are all coming out... soo this is how i see it.. the computer screen and the tv screen same thing. you just push a button and it switches from a tv to a computer screen. and it's all run by projection soo in this fort of yours you can choose anywhere to display your screen whether it be on top of you, beside you or at the foot of the bed. this sliding thing i thought of, multi purpose, can be used for reading for putting your key board or even for eating. wow this is random. hah.. ohohoh andddddd this table comes with an extendable light :D hah the end for now.
sooo partners?
angi_cambi writes...
at 11:42:35pm on 11/29/07
haha yaaaayy!! hmm... start a business ehh? sounds... interesting. i'll be a famous .. uhhmm. inventor? duuude sweet. heh. hmm a partnership? maybe? lol n.n i guess i'll see you in a few? gots msn?
angi_cambi writes...
at 9:56:07pm on 11/29/07
lol 2 tv dinner tables. hmm... definitely time for an upgrade!! i'll uhmm. build you a bed that can sit up yess... with this sliding thing for your computer hmm with this sheet thing on top so you too can have a fort and bed computer combo. woo :D
gizzmo53220 writes...
at 7:16:37pm on 11/29/07
lol i gues
angi_cambi writes...
at 7:08:12pm on 11/29/07
woo 87! damn hackers though!! GRR uhhm yes! laptop on bed! hehe actually today i was bored. so i cleaned my room and built a fort. now my bed and computer are in a fort^^ WOO!!! ps aristocats is the shit!
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