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I am a complicated person. I can at times be super weird, [as some shallow people would refer to me as] though I call it being imaginative.[I think what my life would have been like being born to a different family/culture sorta thing. That's not weird, is it?] ----My name is Emily, and I was born here in Canada. My career path changes daily.. I think this month, I went from wanting to be an accountant, to an engineer, to a science teacher?!?! It frustrates me. Anyways, I'm in Grade 11, and I go to an arts school [ I go for Violin] which is almost awesome enough to call home :). ---I have long brown hair, which might be curly, straight, or wavy, depending on what my mood is that day. I have green eyes, and i think I'm around 5'2 in height.
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OXYGEN- JESSE MCARTNEY |Right Now [Na na na]- Akon| Better in Time -Leona Lewis | Viva La Vida -Coldplay |Piano Quintet in A Major -Antonin Dvorak | Scherzo and Tarantella -Wieniawski | Czardas- Vittorio Monti | Meditation from Thais- Jules Massenet | Romance in F Major- Beethoven
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Travelling [EDITED]
Posted on: July 21, 2008, at 11:43:07pm   [22 comments]
Here are my TOP TEN [+ some more additions] places I MUST visit before I ..*ahem* ..umm.. [die]?

1. Moscow, Russia
2. Paris, France
3. Rome, Italy
4. Tokyo, Japan
5. Vienna, Austria
6. Krakow, Poland [Again]
7. London, England
8. Berlin, Germany
9. Belgrade, Serbia
10. Barcelona, Spain
---------[EDITED] Adds------
11. Athens, Greece
12. Seoul, Korea

What places would you like to go to ? :)
[feel free to respond]

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Gary99 writes...
at 7:24:49am on 8/7/11
well diamond, if you ever end up coming on this profile sometime in your life again you will see this post hahaha
spartanumaw writes...
at 6:02:11am on 11/2/10
i miss so many people from ffr that i fear i will never be able to speak to again and your one of them:(
Darkevilfish writes...
at 7:56:41pm on 12/6/09
Diiaammoonnndd!!!!!! How are ya! I haven't talked to you in forever!! !<33333333333333333333 I miss ya
FROST-69 writes...
at 12:34:00pm on 9/27/09
add me
Gary99 writes...
at 10:32:10pm on 8/15/09
hey diamond, how you been, havn't talked to you since the beginning of super, whats been up. schools already about to start again o.O, chat me back =)
FROST-69 writes...
at 8:26:30pm on 3/5/09
hey .... hows life ? its all good over here .... im **** and im looking at ur profile and im thinking damn a girl is better than dats horrble ive only played like 1700 songs tho xP ... ne ways i'ed really like to talk with u when ur not busy .... I feel i should get to know u so if the day comes when u feel u need a good friend ....ill be here 4 u ... k? / .... no worries im no thug more ! 8/
acerunderfire writes...
at 8:50:16am on 12/23/08
:O ur the first person ive met on here that livesi n markham too
Xristallixed writes...
at 11:04:29pm on 12/20/08
I wanna slash your sassy eyeballs, cut your thorat, peel off your skin, color your bum pink, rip your ears off and toast your tummy.<3
Gary99 writes...
at 9:19:51pm on 11/26/08
things have been going great, been real busy. im trying to play ffr more often. how are you doing?
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