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Posted on: May 13, 2009, at 04:38:14pm   [0 comments]
Upon browsing the list of things I haven't done in a while, I stumbled over the "tornado" mod.

I remember when I couldn't hit anything with it.

Now I can 400+ combo {Blaze} on 2x, Tornado, Dark.

So that's an improvement...I guess.


Comment wall
Coffecola writes...
at 6:09:34pm on 5/27/09
haha you notice! ;D agree with you haven't seen all to many from Sweden here :P And yhea i love it ^^ by the way how are you? :))
CensoredBar writes...
at 1:12:14am on 5/17/09
have some confidence in yourself!!!! strive for the best, and you will be the best. (my motto) hehehe. ;P
CensoredBar writes...
at 1:08:41am on 5/17/09
hahaha! well thank you! :3 im flattered, but nah...i try my best to do well in the things i do
CensoredBar writes...
at 12:26:06am on 5/17/09
at what?? haha ive been playing ddr for about 3 months now! hehe..i have a really good trainer. he actually plays this game!!!! =)
CensoredBar writes...
at 8:34:29pm on 5/16/09
lol what do you mean?
marthalolz writes...
at 5:27:08pm on 5/14/09
shamme! it never counts my AAA's D:
try clicking "level rank" on yoo pro
under the FC's and AAA's bar.
idk :X hahaa
marthalolz writes...
at 5:02:27pm on 5/14/09
lol it is fun (:
DUDE i think its more addictive almost!
likee i stayed after school to watch a softball
game and i realized i wanted to be home playing ffr
its pretty bad n.n
ino_star writes...
at 9:09:59pm on 5/11/09
pnkglitter writes...
at 1:58:05am on 4/28/09
haha of course!
Reflector writes...
at 3:42:56am on 4/26/09
haha awesome man thanks!
Damn this song is hard - Mario Minor.
I love it though, the composer is awesome!
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