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Hiiiiiii i'm Tasha. i'm a loveable cuddly crack kitten!! lol
writing, drawing, smoking, drinking, partying, being awesome
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rock and metal
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from house of 1000 corpses to happyfeet :)
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Random Thoughts
Complete Insanity 10/30/07 1:19AM
Posted on: July 22, 2008, at 09:57:31pm   [2 comments]
Your deafening silence, pounding in my ears
drowns out the world, so you're all that i hear
sinking in the echos of my shattering tears
feeding on my insecurities, and all that i fear
self inflicted wounds, gaze into the mirror
never my own reflection that seems to appear
the time of my destruction is drawing near
but complete anhialation is already here
your words:a dull blade piercing my heart
you watch in pleasure as i slowly fall apart
you starve for the sound of my painful screams
somehow you found a way to invade my dreams
now night after night i go without sleep
you never stop, even once the pain is complete
life, we've noticed, is never what it seems
we are blinded by anger, the hatred wont let you see
that you enjoy my pain and my misery
its time to let go, just get rid of me
so we can both escape complete insanity

Comment wall
Pandabuddah writes...
at 5:29:52am on 7/31/08
well thats funny have you ever done shrooms cause i have and now i well never look at zombies the same way again or guitar hero
Pandabuddah writes...
at 5:10:06am on 7/27/08
wow that background is hot im sorry im like drawn to it well right now im hungover so i will be fine lol your stoned wow i wouldnt guess that you did that
Drifting A W A Y` writes...
at 9:21:36pm on 7/26/08
oh. well atleast they didnt actually ban you. hah.
viper0 writes...
at 10:38:06am on 7/26/08
How are you doin?!?!?!?!
Staying up till 6a.m. Fuck the what!?!?!?!?!
Drifting A W A Y` writes...
at 4:38:31pm on 7/25/08
bestfriends make everything better, right? :]
hahhh. howd you do that?
SD-ZzDiAmOnDzZ writes...
at 12:50:22pm on 7/25/08
ilyyyyyyyyyyymm. =]
Xiahiroyoko writes...
at 3:43:21am on 7/25/08
hey KITTEN! it's me -tails- yo was sup? you have a very trihplant avitaar :D
Drifting A W A Y` writes...
at 10:34:41am on 7/24/08
you doing well?
Drifting A W A Y` writes...
at 4:57:17pm on 7/23/08
heyy babeh. ;]
vampire17 writes...
at 9:15:43am on 7/23/08
yw and thanks
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